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Customized wallpaper

Know-how and a service offering for all projects

With a diversified offering in terms of style and production techniques, Pierre Frey brings expert service to numerous special orders.

A dedicated team of designers

Since wallpaper involves different techniques and constraints to those of fabric, Pierre Frey offers a specialized service team for the creation of exceptional wall coverings. Two designers holding degrees from prominent Art schools use cutting-edge tools to put technical excellence at the service of their creativity. They are involved in all parts of the projects, from the composition of the drawing (panoramic, straight match, offset match, etc.) to the choice of the backing (non-woven, vinyl, etc.) and the printing process (cylinder, digital, etc.), in line with the highest standards.

Special productions

They make it possible to adapt one or more components of a drawing to produce a customized product, made-to-measure in line with the specifications defined in accordance with your request.

For aesthetic reasons or to optimize the yardage required for a project, the designers can adapt the scale of a motif and thereby modify the number of repeats.
Color and motif modification
A drawing’s coloring can be re-worked as requested to suit the required atmosphere of a project. The composition of a motif can also be redrawn as desired—adding or removing certain components, modifying the type of match, streamlining or compactng certain components, etc.
Change of quality
To meet a specific use or simply for the sake of creativity, the designers can transpose the drawings onto other backings such as vinyl, straw, cork, end-on-end fabric, etc.
Custom development
Based on items from the archives, from old Pierre Frey gouaches or from external sources, the designers can redraw motifs and develop unique wall coverings with a range of subtle tones, and incomparable detail and elegance in their drawings.

Endless inspiration

The 25,000 documents of the House’s heritage archives—drawing boards, fabrics and clothing from the 16th century to the present—are a source of inspiration for the collections and feed the imagination for numerous projects.

Hotel project: Archived fabric from the 19th century inspired by Indian palampores, totally redesigned and transposed onto a resistant carmine-colored vinyl backing

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