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Furnishing know-how

With the idea of offering customers a global concept, Maison Pierre Frey has taken over one of France’s oldest furniture manufacturers, located in the north of France and featuring a team of veritable experts.

Workshop know-how

Selected and certified wood

The items proposed in the Pierre Frey collection are made in beech. However, the company also offers a variety of wood types for made-to-measure projects. Not all of these woods will be as sturdy and noble, and not all will enable obtaining the same shades and textures. Connoisseurs, cabinetmakers and project managers are welcome to make proposals for projects.

Cabinet making

Our cabinetmakers select the wood and cut it after having outlined the shape of parts on the boards. With mastery and precision, they follow the curves and design of the item with great delicacy.

Traditional joining

Maison Pierre Frey prefers wood joined according to traditional and very “French” techniques, including mortise and tenon, dowels, dovetails, bridle joints, grooves and tongues. Parts are prepared beforehand to allow joining by width, length or at an angle.

Shades, varnishes and decorative techniques

The Pierre Frey workshop uses mainly beechwood for its collection. However, it also proposes several other woods and offers a broad palette of finishings and decorative techniques, such as stains, lacquers, patinas, sandblasting, waxes and various types of oiled varnishes and finishings.

Suspension techniques

The specifically-designed seat suspension system provides suppleness and firmness. Traditional springs attached by hand are the most comfortable option. Pierre Frey also proposes many other options, according to the way in which the furniture will be used (elastic straps, zigzag or bagged springs, etc.). 

Padding and comfort

Furniture padding and cushions provide softness and well-being.  Depending on the required criteria, we propose goose feathers, down, wadding or high-density foam.

Textile expertise

With several thousand chair fabric possibilities and the existence of five brands with five complementary styles, Maison Pierre Frey offers an incomparable selection to upholsterers and decorators. Based on its expertise, it makes the best recommendation to upholster furniture in accordance with its intended use (abrasion, resistance to light, stains, flame retardant, etc.).

Careful upholstering to enhance shapes

The tailors and upholsterers from the Pierre Frey workshop enhance shapes and textile creations with traditional and original finishings, such as welting, trimmings, braiding or studs on fabric that can be stretched, gathered or quilted.

DNA based on craftsmanship and the promotion of artisanal trades

By taking over a French manufacturing workshop that dates from 1928, Maison Pierre Frey commits to safeguarding precious know-how. For positions from company manager to designer, cabinetmaker, tailor or upholsterer, Pierre Frey hires master craftsmen or graduates of the major schools of art and design specialized in the artisanal approach.