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Boussac, a certain idea of modernity

The Boussac brand has remained faithful to the fundamentals laid down by its founder, Marcel Boussac - innovation and keeping up with the times. Geometrical motifs and interplay between materials in bright, colorful contemporary harmonies are the very essence of the Boussac collections. A resolutely contemporary style.


A respected captain of industry, Marcel Boussac was a bigger-than-life personality who found glory and finished his life broke. He built a textile empire based on the complete fabric production process. In 1934, he bought the printing sector of the Wesserling factory in Alsace and made it famous thanks to his iconic prints. In 1978, the Boussac group collapsed. Thankfully it returned to stability after being acquired by Pierre Frey in 2004.



Acquisition of the Wesserling factory

When Marcel Boussac became interested in manufacturing, it had three sectors: spinning, weaving and printing. Totally wiped out by successive crises, Boussac bought the printing sector, famous for being the birthplace of a Manufacture Royale at the end of the 18th century.


Screen printing

With his passion for technical innovation, Marcel Boussac didn't hesitate to replace the traditional wooden board with a flat screen to produce his colorful, flowery prints.


Dior's Colifichets Boutique

An unconditional supporter of Christian Dior when he launched his own Fashion House, Marcel Boussac and the master remained close. Quite naturally, Christian Dior chose a Boussac print called "toile bergère" to decorate the walls of his Colifichets boutique on avenue Montaigne in Paris.

The 1990s

One objective: pleasure!

Abundant bouquets of flowers and opulent prints. The loveliest designs date from this period. The motifs were classical but the scales and colors were worked to attract a young audience. The craftsmanship is perfect, a guarantee of quality for all.


Acquisition by Pierre Frey

Pierre Frey acquired Boussac with a desire to awaken the sleeping beauty and to get back to the brand's fundamentals - innovation, originality and production expertise.


New artistic direction

Pierre Frey, the eldest son of Patrick Frey, reinterpreted the codes this time, turning the brand toward more current, contemporary creations inspired by the major artistic movements.

Boussac today

The latest collections highlight a new approach to decoration focusing on the world of design and art. Wools and jacquards with subtle mixes of natural fibers, plain modern fabrics with the desired material effects and artsy prints make up the basics of this brand in the spirit of the times.


The Maison Pierre Frey's heritage collection holds over 1,500 documents and archives from Boussac dating from the 20th century. This collection, mainly comprising printed cottons, is a reference for everyone interested in textile prints from a technical or stylistic point of view.

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Imprimé 18eme siècle

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Géometrique 20eme siècle