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The heritage department

25,000 documents and drawings from the 16th century to the present

Particularly committed to the preservation of this exceptional heritage, the Department is the custodian of the Braquenié, Le Manach, Fadini-Borghi, Boussac and Pierre Frey archives. As a place of reflection on the decorative practices of the past, it is a place of inspiration for the Studio and is open to interior designer clients from the world over.

Finely honed expertise

Art historian Sophie Rouart, co-author of a book on Toile de Jouy fabrics and member of CIETA, has been in charge of the House’s holdings since 2003. On the strength of her experience in various textile museums, she inventories each piece and puts the archives to good use through temporary exhibitions. Convinced that they play a significant role in outlining the contours of a changing society, she supports the social dimension of this unique collection and constantly enhances it with new acquisitions.

The heritage archives

The archives comprise sketches, textiles of all sorts, rugs, weave diagrams and wallpaper samples. They represent a genuine depository of techniques, motifs and models of the House’s four trades across the centuries.

The printed, embroidered and woven fabrics held offer a cross-section of all the techniques used to produce fabrics from the 16th century to the present. Essentially composed of Western fabrics, this collection also presents a few beautiful samples from India and Asia which underscore the influence of these distant lands in the development of fabric-making in Europe.
Around 400 samples of wallpaper from the 18th and 19th centuries are preserved in the archives alongside a few ‘dominos’ (the ancestors of wallpaper). As most of them were printed with wood blocks, they represent a stimulating technical challenge for the House’s designers who want to reproduce their charm.
The Archives department holds 1,200 rug gouaches, over 1,500 carpet samples, and 200 samples of rugs made using the Aubusson-type flat knot or the Savonnerie-type knotting technique. These are a precious testimonial of the excellence of Braquenié in the 19th and 20th centuries for this type of products. This collection is exceptional in terms of its production quality and style diversity.
The House’s collection of drawings, gouaches and old photos are a source of inspiration for the furniture team who, with their know-how, are able to reinterpret a 18th century sketch or a photo from the 1930s showing a particular piece of furniture, such as that of René Prou.

A space dedicaded to clients


The archives are digitized on an ongoing basis in a database that can be consulted by appointment. This high-performance tool allows stringent management of the House’s archives. 


In premises that meet museum standards, all of the documents—from the smallest to the largest Indian palampores—are filed in dedicated storage units after their micro-cleaning.


Sophie individually welcomes all interior designers and art lovers conducting research for a project.


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